Ahsmon: 85 pct of crime cases in Kuching committed by suspects with history of drug-related activities

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Ahsmon (centre) speaks to the media while Kuching District deputy chief Supt Merbin Lisa (second left) and other heads of police departments look on.

KUCHING (July 10): District police chief ACP Ahsmon Bajah has revealed that 85 per cent of crime cases such as theft, robbery, and house break-ins here were committed by individuals with a history of drug-related activities.

Between January and June this year, he said the district police have arrested 1,182 suspects for various drug-related offenses.

“We are also carrying out various strategies to tackle drug related offences among which is to arrest hardcore and habitual drug offenders under Section 39C of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952,” Ahsmon told a press conference at the district police headquarters here today.

This year, he said, a total of 28 suspects have been charged in court under Section 39C of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952. A total of 1,142 investigation papers on drug related offences have been opened with 952 of the investigation papers being charged in court, he added.

He also said between January to June this year, the district police had seized 3,069.26 grams of dangerous drugs, 1,661 Erimin 5 pills and 708 psychotropic pills worth more than RM370,000.

On that note, he revealed that the police would be carrying out operations in hotspots around Kuching to cut off the supply chain of drugs.

He added that between January to June this year, Kuching police have seen an increase of house break-in cases with a total of 112 cases as compared to only 51 cases within the same period last year.

“For the cases this year, we have recorded losses amounting to RM345,000 to the victims,” he said.

He added that between January and June this year, the district police had arrested 32 suspects and 14 were charged in court.

With the arrest, the district police, he said, has solved 37 house break-in cases and recovered stolen items worth RM32,152 from the suspects.

Touching on commercial crimes involving e-commerce, Ahsmon said the district police have recorded a total of 49 cases involving losses of RM450,000 between January and June this year.

Between January to December last year, the district police recorded a total of 185 cases involving losses amounting to RM4.87 million.

“On June 22, we have also arrested a male suspect in his 30s believed to be involved in four cheating cases involving the selling and buying of smartphones and video game consoles by using rebound cheques,” he said.

The suspect, he added, has been charged at the Magistrate’s Court here on July 10 for all of the four cases framed under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating.

“We advise the public to be vigilant and double check and verify any advertisements on social media before making any payments,” he said.

Ahsmon also reminded the public to contact the police at 082-332522 (ext 205) to report any crimes within their community.

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