Driver seriously injured after lorry overturns

2 weeks ago 15

LIMBANG: A 54-year-old lorry driver was seriously injured after his vehicle overturned in a self-accident on Wednesday (July 10).

The incident took place at Tempat Pemindahan Tanah, Jalan Sibukang, here.

The Sarawak Fire and Rescue Operations Centre reported that they received an emergency call at 2.22pm.

Firefighters from Limbang, led by operational commander Ridzuan Abd Rahman, arrived at the scene just four minutes later, at 2.26pm.

Upon their arrival, the firefighters found the driver, identified as Ting Hie Hock, trapped in the driver’s seat but still conscious.

They immediately acted to create a stretch in the front of the truck using Road Traffic Accident (RTA) equipment, allowing them to safely extract the victim.

Ting sustained serious injuries and was quickly transferred to an ambulance for urgent medical treatment.

The exact cause of the accident is yet to be determined, and authorities are conducting a thorough investigation into the incident.

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