Man in Kuching with no MyKad fined RM1,000

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The fact of the case revealed the man did not have a MyKad due to complex administrative procedures correcting an error in his birth certificate. – Photo by Chimon Upon

KUCHING (July 4): The Magistrate’s Court here today has fined a 51-year-old man RM1,000 in default three years in jail for not having a MyKad.

He pleaded guilty before Magistrate Syarifah Fatimah Azura Wan after a charge under Regulation 25(1)(a) of the National Registration Regulations 1990, which provides for imprisonment up to three years or a fine up to RM20,000 or both upon conviction.

According to the case facts, police were conducting patrols in Taman Chuon Kiaw in Sungai Tapang around 4.30pm on June 29 when they came across the man riding a motorcycle suspiciously.

Police then flagged down the man and requested for his MyKad for inspection, but failed to produce it, which led to him being detained.

Upon investigation, the man revealed that his name is Nan Sitam, and he only has a birth certificate.

Police also discovered errors in the gender section of his birth certificate, which he said he intentionally did not rectify due to the complex administrative procedures for correction as the reason for not obtaining a MyKad.

Inspector Ammarsoffi Yusoff prosecuted the case while the accused was not represented by a legal counsel.

In a separate case, a man was sentenced to three months in prison and fined RM1,000 by the Magistrate’s Court after pleading guilty to attempting to steal electrical equipment from a house which is still under construction in Semariang.

Magistrate Zubaidah Sharkawi ordered Mohd Izamree Zamadi, 24, to serve an additional month in prison if he fails to pay the fine.

He committed the offense around 4.30am on July 1 this year at Taman Fitryah at Jalan Bangau in Semariang.

His charge was framed under Section 380 of the Penal Code read together with Section 511 of the same Code.

The case facts revealed that the complainant, a security guard, who was patrolling in the area came across the accused who was with another individual exiting a house that was still under construction, and attempted to flee upon noticing the guard.

However, the accused was detained and later handed over to the police for arrest.

Also seized from the accused were several stolen items consisting of an electrical wire, two sockets, four switches and two PVC pipes. The seized items are estimated to be at around RM200.

Inspector Nur Shafiqa Nyaie Ilin prosecuted the case while the accused was not represented by a legal counsel.

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